September 2018

Sports, sports, sports! I have spent most of my shifts at high school gymnasiums and football fields this month. Despite being determined to avoid these places when I was a high schooler, I have come to love the challenge of photographing new sports and trying to improve with each game. My favorite assignment this month was photographing the closing party at Paradise, a long-standing gay nightclub in Cambridge. It was challenging to make frames with the dark lighting and to also maintained the anonymity of the club's patrons, but I ended up finding a quiet moment during Rico's go-go dance. 

1008138662 CAM_Paradise01.JPG
1008050503 Win_WinchestervNewton01.jpg
1008240555 WOB_football07.JPG
1008021793 Con_ConcordvBedfordsoccer554.jpg
1008041408 Low_LoriTrahan03.JPG
1008067890 Brk_DowntownShooz02 copy.jpg