July 2018

July was my first month working full time as a photojournalist with the MetroWest Daily News. I feel privileged to have a job that allows me to meet new people and explore new places every day. I am so grateful to all of the people that have let me enter their lives so far. This month brought me to triathlons, playgrounds, protests, circus tents, arm wrestling arenas and, of course…puppies. I can’t wait to continue working and improving my photography with every assignment. 

1007349923 Wes_RouxFosterPuppies05.JPG
1007379252 Fram_DiaperProject05.JPG
1007444362 Lit_LittletonApplemanTriathlon04.jpg
1007525426 Cam_SacklerMuseum07.JPG
1007598339 Wal_CircusSmirkus07.jpg
1007622420 Nat_JuliaHarmonVigil06.JPG